Smart Kitchen: Transform the way you cook, eat & live with Industry 5.0

Smart Kitchen is the futuristic vision of Automation & Optimisation to transform your regular functions. The way you cook, eat, shop & live will become more efficient & customized. The future of Kitchen appliances will be augmented with apps or robots which will use a data-driven decision approach to improving cooking, provide valuable information, suggest recipes, and track your calorie intake, thus offering a huge amount of convenience along the way. These facilities of kitchens could be supervised via voice or gesture controls to emphasize technological advancements & human empowerment.

Select recipes in one tap:

The technological assistance in the Kitchen will help you customize most of your food needs with the recipes. The smart sensors & data-driven decisions will analyze the presence of food materials in the store to suggest to you various recipes which could be prepared from them. Also, the response for recipe ideas will put instructions & videos in the front which will make the process easier to try something different in the Kitchen.

Half Food Preparation:

One of the biggest advantages of the smart kitchen will be the smart electric range which will prepare food in no time while half food being prepared in the advance. These electric ranges will automatically inform in advance about the availability of food material thus further easing down the cooking process & upgrading the time needed to prepare it.

Diet-Friendly Smart Scales:

Cooking at home is generally more healthy than ready meals or eating outs but it is could be tough to calculate the nutritional content of cooked food. Smart kitchens are going to play a decisive role in telling you in advance about the nutritional content of the food. This will be furthermore advanced with the data-centric approach that guides the best food based on your body requirements. This diet-friendly approach will have a greater impact on advancing human health.

Smart Gardens:

Nothing tastes better than fresh vegetables & herbs and with smart gardens inside the smart kitchen, the food will become more nutritious, healthy & delicious. Thriving indoor gardens with LED lamps will allow plants to grow inside homes beautifully & will further notify in advance on appropriate water & food requirements.

Smart Cleaning:

Cooking food is an interesting process especially when you fill your belly with its delicacy. But during the process, some waste is generated, cleaning of which requires extensive effort. With smart kitchen & smart cleaning, the process of waste decomposition & smart cleaning will become more simplified where the cobots & technology will be suggesting the process to either reuse the waste or ways to decompose it safely.

Gesture Control Automation:

With smart kitchens, cooking will be more fun. Rather than clicks & touch, the feature of automated gesture control will not only ease the cooking process but will also make it relatively more exciting & interesting. Activities like mixing food, sprinkling spices, and sensing the aroma will be enhanced with technologies playing crucial roles in elevating the cooking experience.