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About World Beyond

The Metaverse of World Beyond has surrounding waterbodies & plots of lands with features of Entertainment, Sports & Games, Travel & Tourism, Spirituality & Art, Business & E-Commerce, Education & Learning, Healthcare, Fitness & Food, Trade Fairs & Exhibitions, Conferences & Events etc. The Metaverse in World Beyond is developed with captivating infrastructure that allows visitors to do business, join live events, play games and even own assets of World Beyond.

Metaverse Land

Create your Own Land

World Beyond Metaverse plots is parcels of land in the virtual world that are represented by digital currency. Depending on the specialty of the land, the owner can use them to advertise services, socialize for games & fun, organize virtual product launches & do other work. Digital real estate is expected to grow & expand with the rise of the metaverse.

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    Land Parcel Size

    The basic number of pixels in a plot of the “World Beyond Metaverse” real estate is represented by parcel size.

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    Proximity of Locations to Landmarks

    Proximity of plots near prime locations, landmarks, large corporates, or celebrities has a higher-than-market value rate.


Why World Beyond Metaverse?

World Beyond Metaverse platform focuses on business & trade enhancement by presenting its visitors with an amazing opportunity to visit virtual exhibitions, conferences, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, factories, etc. Our Cutting-edge technology & digital age features allow users to experience exhibition booths, product launches, 3D product showcases, 360-degree walkaround environments, etc.


Our nonfungible tokens are 100% unique. These NFTS are your certificates of Ownership with a minted digital file. NFTs serves as a vital concept in our Metaverse ecosystem that allows peoples to own virtual goods in the form of land parcels, real-estate tokens, vehicles, monuments, etc. all possible through NFTs.