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World Beyond Metaverse allows users to create a virtual office & hold business meeting with ease. This provides a great gateway for businesses to enter the metaverse & start capitalizing on its unique features.

Attractive propositions & ample opportunities for a collaborative approach inside Metaverse will revolutionize interaction leading to discussions being more effective & productive. Environments designed inside the World Beyond Metaverse have added hotspots, decorated meeting space, furniture & discussion space.

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You can create your Avatar in our Metaverse which can be either custom or default based on your preferences. Avatar is your unique identity to explore the virtual world of Metaverse. These Avatars can be easily customized as per environment & requirements. Avatars, a kind of unique representation combined with customization features will enhance interaction & experience.

World Beyond Virtual Reality
The Head Mounted Display (HMD) is the most sought-after component of virtual reality. Virtual Reality is the key contributor to the growth of the Metaverse. VR gives combined features of the simulated artificial digital world & provides an immersive & interactive experience to its users. With VR, it becomes more fun to explore the World Beyond Metaverse environments & identify its true potential.

The next form of evolution, Industry 5.0 will have humans, cobots & smart machines working together in a specific environment. Robots will leverage advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to help humans work faster & effectively. The centric approach will be a data-based knowledge-sharing system.

Human beings started to understand the potential of technology in transformation only after the first industrial revolution. Heavy machinery, assembly units, and computations are examples of technological advancements which happened in past centuries, all of which signified the implementation of technology boosted efficacy & productivity. The emphasis with industry 5.0 is to make a shift in paradigm and create a sustainable progressive environment where humans & machines will work together.